Friday, July 6, 2007

Proliferation, and other things

Just had to write about this ... Something I have come across so many times, I dont even know where to begin handling this. This is proliferation on the web. And this is a phenomenon thats huge.

Quick question ... How many e-mail accounts do you have? Let me guess ... Definitely more than 1? I have more than 5. Another question ... Do you have difficulty remembering the passwords of all of these? I dont, because I use the same password for all of them. Killer question ... How easy is it to remember which email do you have in which account?

If it is getting unmanageable with email, which is something we ourselves control, the question that naturally follows ... How do we mnage content on the web. Worse still, how do we find content that we know is out there. I am sure someone out there has worked on this, but its just that I cant find where they kept it. An example ... There's so many blogging sites ... And, no way to connect them! At least, the ways that are there are indirect, at best, and work around the proliferation that I am talking about.

Is there a way out there, which enables some kind of Single Sign-On ... Not just in terms of checking credentials, but also serves as a single place for finding content across websites, across social networking tools, across ... And, at the same time, addresses privacy issues! Or is this too futuristic?

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