Thursday, July 5, 2007

New division of labour

My Uncle pointed me to an Article from the NY Times, which you can also find at

One of the central points that the article makes is that companies like IBM have to move up the value chain to survive. Having said that, there is also a school of thought that believes that your degree decides the kind of work you are good at. For example, most people believe that one has to be a MBA to be a Management Consultant. You could be a great techie, but what do you know about business without a MBA?

While this school of thought has its own merit, I think it is, in a large part, misplaced. In today's world, knowledge is almost free. Anyone who has access to a dial-up connection (lets take the worst scenario here ...), can access a vast amount of information out there, and interact with people with such diverse viewpoints and expertise areas, that they can pick up lots more than can be picked up in a classroom setting.

Which is why, I believe that companies would do well to tap into experience rather than qualification.

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