Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Food in Calcutta

Over the last couple of days, I have seen a peculiar situation in Calcutta. Just about every eatery in town is packed throughout the day, practically. We decded to have Dinner at Jimmy's Kitchen (if you have known Calcutta for a longish period of time, you cannot give Jimmy's a go-by!) ... A venerable old institution of Chinese cooking in Calcutta, the land of Tangda. To the extent that my Mother in Law was telling me once, that the first time she ate at Jimmy's Kitchen was when she was in School. Now, thats one old place!

What was indeed surprising was that at 8:20 pm on a weeknight, the place was packed. No place to sit, and the guard says it would at least half an hour to get a table. As luck would have it, one of my friends who was supposed to meet us there had already reached there, and was already sitting inside. The alternative would have been wooing the Princes of Calcutta (the taxiwallahs ... that time of the day, none of them seem to want to go anywhere!).

Though, the Wontons and the Spring Rolls were every bit worth it ... Just the way they should be ... Delectable! In other words ... Vintage Jimmy's!

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