Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kolkata Khaowa ...

A few days in Kolkata (or Calcutta if you may), are always welcome. There is something about the city. The fact that theres no such thing as professionalism here notwithstanding, the city has a heart. And, belly ... Sure knows a thing or two about Food!

Yesterday it was Ilish Maach (dont ask me what preparation, but it was Shorshe Baataa, and Paalonk Shaag ...), and it was among the best Ilish i have ever had. That at a time when Bangladesh has banned the export of Padma r Ilish! How could they!!!!! From a place called Kastoori. I am told this restaurant is on Sudder Street, opposite where Jamuna Cinema used to be.

And if the Ilish is anything to go by, a visit to this restaurant is required.

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