Thursday, August 16, 2007

With or without SL

Even though this is cricket season, and India has just won a series (follow-on controversy notwithstanding), SL is not Sri Lanka. Rather, I thought I would like to write a bit about Second Life. Really cool thing, it is. And, matter of fact, has also been covered extensively n a number of sources. And, IBM loves it. Seems to be an integral part of their social computing/virtual worlds strategy. And they do have an interesting story to tell.

Having said that, Second Life has got quite a bit of negative press. This one actually puts it as one of the worst 5 websites. Interesting read, dont you think? Except that I dont quite agree with the reasons (as an opinion, I cant argue with their opinion of its utility, but the reasons seem to be all the wrong reasons. Difficult to navigate, even with broadband ... Whoever said 3-D technology would be light on bandwidth? I wouldnt expect it to be. Movements are jerky ... Sure they are. But then, here is a technology that is pretty much in its nascent stages, and these are quirks early adopters are pretty much to live with. The important point is that there are big corporations who are investing in taking this technology to the next level.

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