Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Knowledge Churn ...

A rather interesting book ... Revolutionary Wealth ... defines a new term ... Obsoledge ... the phenomenon that a lot of us operate with knowledge which is obsolete. Makes sense ... With every day, the pace of change is increasing ... Not just the change, but the rate of change as well. And as this change impacts our world, our working and personal lives, its a bit of a struggle to keep our knowledge base up to date ... To the latest findings, research, and other sources of knowledge which generate a veritable mountain of new knowledge.

By the time you get used to that nice, snazzy app you have been using, and figure out how to generate snazzy graphics using that software you downloaded, its already obsolete, and your friendly IT manager is asking you to upgrade to the next version, which is nowhere even close to the one you are using now. Ok ok ... Its not quite as bad as that, but just to make the point ... Imagine how more and more of research is coming forward with ever new findings ...

Question 1. How to get access to this body of knowledge. Simple ... In today's flat world, the Internet will help us do that.

The challenge ... How do we assimilate all of this knowledge into our existing knowledge base. Next post ... Assimilating knowledge into our mental models. The way I look at it, this is an aspect which is largely ignored in our KM models ... Which is why there is a large emphasis on explcit knowledge!

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