Friday, August 24, 2007


I came across this interesting blog post of Luis Suarez where he is talkikng about search. He mentions Quintura as a search engine. And, I must say ... Amazing! Not just its a new kid on the block, but then, this seems to be a search engine with a difference.

Of course, theres only one reason why I am saying that. Thats the cloud ... Tag cloud is what they call it?

Kind of reminds one of the social tagging things they do on a lot of sites, doesnt it? And, a nice thing it is, too. What this does is, bring the concept of Social Tagging to search ... Can we search for things others are searching for ... I am yet to figure this out completely, but looks as though it forms a cloud of terms related to what you searched for. Somewhat on the lines of "People who searched for this also searched for these ...". Now, those kinds of recommendations would be very nice.

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