Sunday, August 26, 2007

India's Real Heroes

I saw this extremely nice program on CNN-IBN today ... India's Real Heroes. An amazing show ... It was being anchored by one of my favourites (no, that has very little to do with the show being amazing ...). She is one of my favourite singers, and is extremely effervescent. Find her here ...

The program was all about the real heroes. Whether it was the gentleman fighting for the survival of the one-horned Indian Rhino, or the gentleman making sure the people who need medication get it. Or, two gentlemen from Patna who run a coaching institute for the IIT entrance for underprivileged children in Patna.

They are people who believe ... These gentlemen believe, for instance, that anyone can make it to the hallowed halls of learning, the IITs. You dont have to be rich, nor do you need to have access to vast resources ... You don't even need to claim the caste quota. Now, this, to my mind, is the real hero.

The program is an eye-opener. More in a positive way ... That all is not lost ... That we shall strive, that India as a nation, is not completely bereft of her heroes. Only thing, there's too few of them!

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