Saturday, August 25, 2007

Out of Body ...

A very interesting development ... Induced out of body experience. I have written about this over at my non-work blog where I have thinking aloud about the Spiritual implication of this. Essentially, how this has the possibility of bringing our way of explaining the illusion of Maya to a totally new level.

What I am blogging about here is the implications of this on the business world. Huge, I would think. Massive! Mammoth! No, I am not talking about being at two places at the same time (the more to get work done? Nah ... I wouldnt!).

The perspective I am looking at is how this kind of phenomenon would chnge the way people can collaborate. Already, we have organizations like IBM working extensively on Second Life. And, the fact that Second Life has come in for a bit of flak (I have blogged about this!). However, the major drawbacks of Second Life (jerky movements, not too user friendly ...) would be neatly taken care of by a development like this. Not only would this enable us to shre experiences and thoughts, this would enable you to put yourself into the other person's shoes. Literally! Now, look at the implications this has. Imagine discussing with a colleague how that nasty customer shouted at you, and the colleague being able to "step out of his body and get into yours", and get an exact picture of what you are talking about, and comparing this to his own experience. All the easier to exchange notes? And, an altogether different way of sharing knowledge.

But, more importantly, this may change the very definition of knowledge. If knowledge is associated with the patterns of life ingrained in the brain cells, then surely, this technology has the potential of breaking down knowledge into its most elemental level ... Cells! And, what would that do to the SECI model? No, I dont think this would stand the model on its head, but would seriously rupture it. How? Lets wait and watch ... No! Lets think!

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