Thursday, August 7, 2008

Training Outsourcing

A number of training organizations are today operating in all conceivable training spaces, providing training on a diverse range of topics. A large part of their business, in fact, practically all of it, revolves around training delivery. So clients come to them having searched through training offerings, asking them to deliver trainings according to particular specifications.

This, however, is changing. There seems to be the emergence of a tend in crain parts of industry to outsource the entire training component. The idea here is that it makes sense for the organization to outsource the fuction to the experts. So, for example, the experts are indeed the best people to perform the training needs analysis and arrive at the training requirements in a particular area.

While this sounds logical, the issue with this line of reasoning is that any third party experts, while being the experts in their area of specialization, they a not the experts at determining the organizational context in which the training need arises. In other words, they would be unable to identify the business requirements which lead to the training needs arising in the first place. This is something which companies should look at retaining internally.

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