Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diversity ...

If you were to see this picture, you would believe the Honda City is the most popular car in India. This actually is an interesting thought ... the first time i came across this idea was when i was studying Statistics ... and, this kind of drove home the point about the importanc of sample size.

Though, i am not writing about this here. Like i have written before, we need to look outside our fields of specialization, to come up with new ideas. If we focus only on our limted areas, we will be seeing only the two Honda City cars parked there, and not the other cars which are parked around them, and would lose out on a whole lot of knowledge which we could have otherwise gained. As we can see, if we focus only on the narrow area which surrounds us, we will not come up with thoughts which are outside of the limited scope of thoughts we run with. Also, the knowledge that the Honda City is one of the popular models, not the only one, would escape us.

Any of us who have done the KM seminar circuit would see this. You see the same set of people, you hear the same things being said in most of them ... new ideas are missing. Only if you look outside of this circuit would you come up with thoughts which are not on lines which are already being circulated.

This also drives home the point that professionals in any field of work must look at scenarios where they can look at the larger picture, because the smaller picture, as you can see from this photograph, can be quite misleading.

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