Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicken ... Or Not

There is a wonderful restaurant here in Bangalore ... Hotel Empire at Church Street (which, by the way, i have no idea how it got the name) is a wonderful place to eat, as you would be able to read from the reviews about the place (incidentally, one of them is written by me). However, there are times when even the best of restaurants can disappoint.

If you try the Dosas there, for instance ... they have some really nice ones ... there's Keema Dosa, then there's Dosa Chicken, and Prawns Dosa ... they look delicious, and they taste delicious, too. Only thing, the Chicken in the Dosa Chicken lacks the Chicken ... for some reason there's more bone, and very little real Chicken in the curry, so maybe they should consider renaming the dish.

For my friends who believe i can turn anything to a discussion on KM, for a change i am not doing so, although with my current topic of discussion on "big picture", it could have been quite easy!

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