Friday, August 29, 2008

Next Generation?

Interesting post ... about the future of the web ... this post talks about Web 1.0 through Web 4.0 ... if you leave the jargon aside, and just look at the content ... there is an interesting point the writer is making. About communities being the real essence of web 2.0, and the movement of these communities from asynchronous to synchronous modes of collaboration.

Having said this, i dont see the difference so much in terms of a paradigm, as in terms of a technology. Whereas the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 is essentially one of paradigm ... from a publishing mode, with a webmaster creating and managing content, and people having the option to write to the webmaster, and the webmaster choosing what they want to do with whatever people have written, to a mode where the webmaster has more or less become redundant, with more and more content being generated collaboratively. This change has been a change from uni-directional content, to multi-directional ... more so, a change from content-centric, to people-centric.

There is a point, however, that the post is making. For example, you can get reviews about restaurants in Kolkata at this site. Thing is, when you are going out, these reviews are not something which you can access on the go. Which is probably the direction which the web might take ... just-in-time information ... built largely on the manufacturing model of JIT?

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