Friday, September 14, 2007

Ram Setu, and Tsunami Warning

Its heartening to read that the ASI has conducted a survey of the Ram Setu, and found that the structure is a natural formation. At the same time, the wording ... that "characters in the Ramayana" didnt exist ... leaves a lot to be desired. From what the ToI says, they are rectifying this.

While there may not be historical proof, the fact remains ...

Kan kan mein base hain Ram!

For, Religion is one of the cornerstones of life, the way we see it ... There is the opinion that man made God, and not the other way round ... While I am not going to argue with the opinion (dont you think that after all, an opinion is an opinion, and there is noting inherently right or wrong with them), I dont agree with that opinion. The problem, I think, comes when people try to impose their opinions on others, because of a belief that their opinion is better than the other person's opinion.

I am trying to figure out, though ... Why is it that there is so much of increased tectonic activity of late? Day before yesterday, there was a massive Earthquke off Sumatra ... India was on Tsunami alert, too. Either the fury of Nature has increased, or public memory has increased. I know not which. But, something we need to look into?

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