Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Next Innovation ...

Now that we have seen how T20 can be so similar to gali cricket, and is evidently the latest thing to happen in the world of instant Karma, where a 50-over one-day match is suddenly becoming too long. Where the game has moved from 5 days to 60 overs a side, to 50 overs a side, and now, to 20 overs a side.

Of course, there is so much more innovations that the ICC should come out with:

1. Ball hitting the sight screen ... Out! Considering that any batsman hitting a window-pane was immediately given out. Quite gleefully, that too!

2. One tip-one hand ... Out! This is our equivalent to underarm bowling, and a very nice thing, because this guarantees that everyone will be out before you can spell Ratatouille.

3. Cutting Chai ... The quintessential Mumbai beverage (the rest of the country believes in glass-fulls of Tea!). This is the quintessential companion for the brand of cricket that is changing the face of the game!

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