Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enterprise Applications and Web 2.0

I came across an interesting article ...

This article discusses how SAP has commissioned a team of "Imagineers" to work on the concept of Web 2.0, and to build a set of applications to enrich their cre ERP and CRM applications. Oracle is talking about the web2.0 concept, too. Though, I am yet to see a post about the strategy Oracle is planning to take with respect to doing a web 2.0 on their set of applications (admittedly a far more complex task, considering the bouquet of products they have). There is word about enabling web 2.0 development but not about the Apps.

This is an interesting development. There has been a thought process out there for quite some time, that at the next level of KM, collaboration strategies (read knowledge sharing strategies), need to be "baked" into business process, and this could be the first step in doing this. SAP is the leader in enterprise software, and if they endorse web 2.0, this would have a large impact on the entire web 2.0 story. More so, I think, because this would bring web 2.0 into the ambit of business applications, and the debate about social networking, which I wrote about earlier, in another post, too, would probably change its course. Of course, we are yet to see the direction that these applications would see, and this, to my mind, would define the direction of the debate, too.


Paula Thornton said...

One of the key messages at the Gartner Web Innovation conference in Las Vegas last month was 1) the concept of applications changes altogether 2) they either go away or they become a larger base from which to launch functions (e.g. an architecture). They specifically noted that it's not that net that provides the infrastructural opportunity -- it's the new form of applications.

This fits in line with your references to SAP and Oracle, but there are nuances that need special attention, as well.

Atul said...

Thanks, Paula. What you are saying makes sense, in that till now, the focus has been on the enterprise apps (with the ritual of BI sitting on top of these apps). But, with the direction web technology is taking, and collaboration, or social computing is becoming more and more widespread, concepts like SCM, or CRM would no longer work with only workflows, or portals which give suppliers, customer or partners a view on the orders and other transactions. And even if a company uses apps only for that, they would be losing out on a lot of the potential.