Thursday, September 13, 2007

Controversy ...

The ToI ran an article today about there being no historical proof of the Ram Setu being man made ... Also, that there is no proof that Ram ever existed. I would believe that this is something which is not a very nice thing to say. But, having said that, I think the Government is within its rights to say that ...

But, no matter ... Lets look at it this way ... The Government can decide on what position the policy wants to hold, and what position it doesnt want to hold. But, there is no way anyone can dictate Faith. And, it is on this edifice that I am looking at resting this issue.

Having said that, it would be extremely nice if the powers that be got a study done to determine whether there is any possibility that the structure is anything other than natural. I am not asking for study to determine whether the structure is man made, because in any circumstance, it is not man made.

Even if we keep the spiritual dimension aside (and that is a considerable dimension), the fact remains that Lord Ram has been more than God Incarnate for millions of Hindus ... Lord Ram has been the cornerstone of our civilization ... Or should I say society?

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