Thursday, May 22, 2008


There was an amazing match played last evening ... Mumbai Indians versus King's XI Punjab. The point that i thought was noteworthy ... actually, two of them. First was Sachin Tendulkar's reaction when he was run out. He knew that Mumbai would have won the match had he stayed at the crease for the remaining overs. And, they would have, the way he was playing ... Vintage Tendulkar. However, when he did get out, the way he turned back to Robin Uthappa and seemed to almost be taking the blame for the run out, and encouraging the youngster to stay on till the end ... that to my mind is a wonderful example of leadership. One would look at the leader at times like these, and the leader not pushing the others down in a crunch situation like this is a wonderful example.

Another was the way Yuvraj Singh led the team ... It seems to me that he was the appropriate mix of authority, shouting at teammates for mistakes, and in the end, leading from the front ... effecting the run out when it mattered most ... Another wonderful example of leadership.

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