Monday, May 12, 2008


OK ... So, I am adding to the web 2.0 cacophony. At the cost of doing that, allow me to say that today, after a long time, i was reminded of the basic axiom of web 2.0 which is:

Web 2.0 = DIY web

Interesting ... if you would see, i have added a widget from the official Dilbert site to the blog. This means you could read Dilbert off my blog. Sounds cool? Well ... cooler still is the fact that a technological dinosaur like me could achieve something so technically complex. And this is the sheer wonder of web 2.0. The DIY nature of this.

However, this is not something which delights traditional Information Technology folks. SOme folks would feel that they lose control over the technology landscape within the organization in a web 2.0 world. However, this need not necessarily be true. The role of Information Technology could be redefined to facilitating the adoption of web 2.0 ... of defining the platform, the technology, and of maintaining the levels of DIY which the user community demands. In simpler language ... on the web, there are folks out there who develop widgets which anyone can use. In the organization, the Information Technology organization could assume this role. This would require them to be in much closer contact with the user community, and would give them a greater understanding of the requirements of users, making Information Technology more central to the scheme of organizational things. And this could change the way Information Technology interacts with the rest of the organization. And, to my mind, for the better.

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