Friday, May 30, 2008

Discovery ... The Key!

I was accessing a blog written on KM ... There was a nice link on the blog ... of sharing the blog on facebook. Now, being quite active on facebook, i thought this was quite a neat thing. First thing i did ... went on google, and searched for a widget to enable this link on my blog. This can be an exercise which can consume a lot more time than you would think.

And, this i believe, is one of the major challenges we face as knowledge managers ... that of discovery. How best one can enable the discovery of content, as well as of expertise in the corporate intranet. There usually are so many siloes, that this is all but a simple task. And this is where web 2.0 technologies can play an important role. One thing links to another ... though one could argue that this was true of "web 1.0" as well. However, with web 1.0 the content that you would link to would be comparably static content, compared to the dynamic nature of content, once the contect creation is enabled for everyone. Though, of course, the "circular problem" still exists ... Start from point A, explore links to several links from point A, and quite soon, you will either have forgotten what you were searching for, or you would go down a link which would take you back to point A. And this is where aggregation needs to play an important role. Aggregation of content in a way which is accessible in a simple and easy to use way, and content which can be presented to users in a way which is simple to read, and easy to assimilate.

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