Friday, April 18, 2008

On Facebook

Its been a few days now ... I have finally succumbed to Facebook. After having resisted the urge for a few months now (basically, I was wondering how different this would be from other websites), I have finally become active on facebook. And, I have already gotten in touch with tons of folks I went to school with (most that I can recognize by name, though not by face, considering the incredible growth in girth a lot of them tend to be showing). But, apart from that, what I was really impressed with was the way applications are sprouting on facebook. Most of them, I have no clue about ... That said, this does have a lot of potential ... especially if we look at the possibility of this architecture, and the concept being unleashed within the organization.

I am talking about an aspect of the organization which doesnt get too much attention, though it does get a lot of effort from people ... expertise location. A facebok kind application could enable the organization ... the people in the organization could describe the work they are doing, and the kind of expertise they are looking for. And, applications specifically developed could bring these two together ... much in the form of a matchmaker ... only, this could be much more significant than any matchmaker, simply because this is taking what people have to offer, in their own words, and in their own expressions, and delivering this to people who need them. A pillowfight could be an invitation to critique an idea ... and so on ... This is nothing but a simplistic description of what I have seen of facebook, and I guess much more can be written about this.

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