Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Social Business Apps

Came across this quite interesting article about Harnessing the Power of Social Applications. This article is quite a refreshing one ... More so because it points out the way some companies are using the social apps ... And, opens up a lot of vistas ... You dont necessarily have to be in the high-tech industry to leverage these apps. Fiskars could do it ... And, to add to it, Barrick could do it ... The question simply remains how imaginative we can be, in applying some of these emerging technologies.

More than being imaginative, though, one of the things which is most interesting about web 2.0 is the fact that it would evolve ... evolve the way users want it to. Akin to the idea of the companies losing control to their customers, the technology "haves" are, and will in all probability, continue to lose control over the evolutionary path of technology, and it is the users who would come up with more and more imaginative ways to use this technology. And this, i feel, is for the better of the technology itself. As we can see, too, more and more, the experts tend to follow the trends rather than come up with theories about how this technology should evolve.

Somewhat similar to the idea posted at the IBM Podcasting Update. The key words being ...

IBMers go looking for it, it is most often not delivered through official means.

This is the very essence ... The organization would, in all probability, lose more and more control over the way information flows across until recently unusual channels, and this is already bringing about change in the processes of management, and is, in all probability, set to continue this.


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