Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Both Sides ... Web 2.0

I came across an interesting post written by Jay Cross. I say interesting because this brings out both sides of the story quite well. While web 2.0 has the potential of giving power to the people ... letting users create and deploy content as they see best, it also opens up the possibility of misuse. Something which Dave Snowden has written about as well.

I guess this is one of the reasons more and more organizations are looking at deploying web 2.0 tools within the organization. This could also be something which has high value to the organization. Lets face it ... How much of sharing of thoughts, ideas actually happens in an organization. Of course, it varies from organization to organization, but fact remains, even within an organization, content or expertise discovery is a laborious process, and not something which can be easily done. Leaves users going round in circles. And this is where web 2.o tools being deployed even within the organization could open up new channels for knowledge flow in the organization. I believe knowledge flows in the organization in ways which we dont quite understand well, not today, at least. With internal deployments, we are at least making a start in bringing these channels to light, so they could be leveraged more effectively? One more thing to add here ... web 2.0 or collaboration, when looked at within the context of the organization could actually augment the existing content management tools that have been in place for quite some time now. This not only allows organizations to make good these investments, this also enables people in the organization to discover and use these content resources more effectively.


Sameer said...

Not sure what you mean by Web 2.0/collaboration augmenting existing content management tools.

Atul said...

Hi Sameer, what i was referring to was the idea that instead of looking at documents and collaboration as two separate silos, it might be more valuable to look at them as complementing each other.

Cheers ...