Monday, October 6, 2008


This is that time of the year ... the rains have subsided, and we are somewhere between summer, which held its sway till a few days ago, and winter, which is yet to fully set in. And the warmth of the sun is tempered with the gentle breeze of autumn. When standing out in the sun is no longer so hot that you want to get into the shade, and the breeze makes you feel the advent of winter on the horizon, heralded by the gentle breezes of autumn.

And a warm welcome for The Mother Goddess ... when we welcome Her, feel Her presence among our midst. When people bow in reverence to the Shakti, the Power of God ... The Mother of creation.

This is the time of the year ... whether it be the Navrattas as celebrated in Punjab, or the Navratri, celebrated with the Garba in Gujarat, or the Durga Puja, as celebrated in Bengal ... this is the time when we dont feel like coming to office, and would much rather spend the days at the Pandal, revelling in the glory of The Mother ... celebrating Her presence.

May She bless us all! Amen ...

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