Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give To Get, And E 2.0 ...

There is an interesting post over at the Greater IBM Connection ... 2.0 means give to get ... its gives, in a nutshell, some of the basic ideas behind the 2.0 world (and no, thats not a new term ... wonder when someone is going to come up with that, anyway?).

What caught the eye is the idea about e 2.0 ... about conversations happening openly across company firewalls. This is an interesting idea. Especially the part about conversations happening across company firewalls. While this is happening, i think the larger question is about conversations happening more and more openly within the firewall to begin with. One aspect of e 2.0 which needs to be highlighted (and there are quite a few folks out there who are ...), is the idea of increased participation. And this, inside the firewall. One of the things e 2.0 is about is the scenario where more and more ideas can flow more and more easily within the organization, across traditional organizational structures, like hierarchies, and work functions.

This is an important aspect to knowledge sharing, primarily because, the way i see it, organizations have "knowledge structures" which are quite distinct to the traditional, formal structures within organizations. And e 2.0 is all about facilitating these knowledge structures to evolve and come into the value-creation process as acknowledged sources of value, not necessarily formal.

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