Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of Kababs and Biryani ...

I am blaming my data-card ... While the icon at the bottom of the computer says its connected, suddenly it will pop up and say ... Internet is connected. Hello ... what about all this while when the icon was showing connected? Just a means of keeping customers in the dark (its a different thing the telecom companies call them idiots ... that is, if they are in a charitable mood, otherwise its suckers) ... or, as one guy on the laughter challenge put it ...

Customer = Kasht se mar!

Wonder how the service companies, especially in India, manage to make this sound almost prophetic. Which brings me to the point ... whats all this got to do with Kababs and Biryanis! Nothing, actually, except that when i had written about Kababs and Biryanis, and tried to publish the post, the internet connection decided to conk out on me (of course, without bothering to me ... after all, i am just the stupid user!). So, here i am, having to write again, and having to take out my frustration on someone ... and who better than you, dear reader!

Well ... to the Kababs and Biryanis ... I went for Lunch yesterday, with a colleague in a nice restaurant here in Bandra ... Persian Darbar! The decor is not upmarket, but then, i usually dont bother about that ... i have gone there to eat, remember? So, where do irrelevant things like decor and ambience come into the picture? Anyway ... about the Food ... we ordered Kababs ... there was the Pudina Murgh Kabab (its nice if you are hungry, but actually, avoidable!), and the Seekh Kababs (again, nice, but about it!). And there was the Biryani ... Chicken Biryani ... age and weight are both catching up with me, you see! As i had read somewhere ...

Eats is eats, waist is waist,
And never the twine shall meet!

I guess i might do well to consider this while the twine is still meeting. So, even though you might be thinking how anyone can call a Biryani a Biryani without the Mutton, there are reasons, my dear, why old and fat people might want to do so. This Biryani is one of the better Biryanis i have had. Now, its nowhere close to the numero uno ... The Hyderabad House at (you guessed it) ... Hyderabad, and also at Bangalore. I havent eaten a memorable Biryani in Delhi, and Shiraz and the rest of the folks in Kolkata are not quite in the same league. Except for the Potato they give you with the Biryani, of course! So, Persian Darbar is one of the better Biryanis i have eaten. Actually, one of the best. Now, interestingly, this happens by default ... In the land of the Biryani, i have to admit that this was one of the best Biryanis i have ever had ... sad state of affairs! Biryani afficionados ... rise, and we shall have our Biryani!

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