Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hyderabadi Biryani ... in Bangalore

I am currently at Bangalore ... and, the team went out for Lunch today. We went to ... guess ... Hyderabad House. Hyderabadi Biryani in the heart of Bangalore. And, every bit one of the best Biryanis i have ever had. I took the Mutton Biryani, and not only was the Biryani very well done, the Mutton was just right ... tender, juicy, and amply immersed in the spices.

Spices reminds me ... the Biryani was spicy. In true Hyderabad style, the spices were subtle, but at the same time, effective, if you know what i mean. Friends tell me ... There is a Double Masala Biryani ... one which is enough to have you smoking with the spices they put in there. Every bit worth the wait (you better make sure you reach there before 1 pm on weekdays, if you dont want to wait for half an hour). And definitely, worth repeat visits (this was my fourth!).

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debbie said...

You didnt mention the sinful mutton balls and though self and one of the team members(you know whom)srtuggled with the amount and finally had to say adieu enjoyed every bit as the biriyani... yruly the best so far.. nandini was poor 2nd.. in fact does not feature in the race at all

we just had another bout of biriyani fever in the office with arsalan... but i was sadly shaking my head and wondering what does so much of oil have to do with biriyani??????

Not to mention the lovele veg biriyani and mushroom... something