Monday, October 1, 2007

Storytelling Interview

The ToI ran an interview with Sarah Kyankya, a writer-publisher from Uganda. The title caught my eye ... Storytelling can make a difference in conflict.

Sarah goes on to say ...

Storytelling can make a parti-cular difference when children are involved. There are many child soldiers in Uganda. When children from the north come to the south and have a chance to tell their stories, and to witness another way of life, they realise that their existence is not normal. The exchange of stories, of experiences can help children from both parts understand each other better.

What this means is that storytelling can help people who are engaged in a conflict to share each other's experiences, and this enables them to create a mutual understanding. And if this helps in bringing about an atmosphere which is a trifle less hostile, its worth it, dont you think? Sarah goes on to describe how stories are related, and make a difference to people in war-torn Uganda. She mentions that stories are used to describe the problem of HIV, and the issues surrounding it. These stories, which may take the form of plays, or songs, in addition to stories, are a very powerful tool to help people to understand the core issue by enabling them to get a better understanding of the entire scenario.

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