Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Blast

There has been another blast in Pakistan ... Rawalpindi! And, right next door to the Army HQ. This, to my mind, has serious implications. Not just for Pakistan, but for India, too. Not that this is politically as sensitive as the Karachi blasts, but this brings out the point that the Jihadis are becoming more and more open about their activities ... trying to hit at the heart of the establishment (read the Army), in Pakistan. How much more would it take for them to replicate this in India? How much is the figurative distance for these people from Rawalpindi to Rajkot?

The Pakistan Army is hitting out at militant hideouts in Swat. Maybe, one day, they ill realize that a terrorist is a terrorist. That, a terrorist has no ideology, no affiliations ... And, has no problems bombing Pakistan, just as he has no problems bombing places in India. And, in the end, it is people, common people, who would die. Who have to die, unnecessarily, in a conflict which they probably dont even understand, much less, care for.

Maybe its time the Army and the ISI consider terrorists for what they are ... fomenting terror! Tackling them with an iron fist ... Thats the solution? Not many people who would think so. But, having said that, thats probably the solution that works best. Because, thats the language they would understand ... As we have seen in the lesson India has learnt from Punjab. Can India Pakistan collaborate? Can we break the barrier that we have built between ourselves, and build a better world for people on both sides of the border?


debbie said...

Reading the blog about Rawalpindi blast I couldnt help but state that what Pakistan is facing now is the classic case of Frankenstein. For long establishments like Army haved created these so called Jehadis for a free Kashmir and thats not now, but the seed was sown by the great Jinnah

Today it has come full circle with the same Jehadis asking for a Pakistan ruled by them rather than Kashmir

It had to happen. As for India, from history we have had so much attacks that we will be able to withstand anything.

Needs to be seen that at this rate will Pakistan as a nation exist 50 years from now...

Cant say that I care!!

Atul said...

While I agree with you, Debbie, to the extent that this is a monster that the Americans and Pakistanis created together, and this is taking its toll on both the nations (to an extent we could say India is an unintended casualty), I am not sure whether we have the choice but to care.

This is simply because whatever happens in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, is bound to have its impact on India. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a Tamil Tiger from Sri Lanka ... Punjab and Kashmir terrorism is run from Pakistan ... closer to Kolkata, the entire demographics of border districts is changing from being Hindu majority areas to Muslim majority areas, with the mass-influx of Bangladeshi migrants. I would think this is going to impact us ... Should we care? I think so!

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